About us

About us

Why we do what we do

High Spirits was founded out of passion for beautiful drinks, with the aim of making high-quality drinks accessible, together with the history of the producer behind it.

As the link between the producer, his/her spirit and the retailer and his/her team, we have a great responsibility not only to distribute the products, but also to ensure that the passion and craftsmanship of those products is passed on.

Our philosophy is that every guest or customer deserves more than just a bottle on the shelf.

High-Spirits Import Smoky Scot Whisky
About us

How we work

We have a different market approach. By working closely and intensively with carefully selected producers, we are able to enter into long-term partnerships and become their ambassadors. These producers, our Partners, are selected for the craftsmanship and quality of their entire product range. By sharing the knowledge, stories and passion of these products with retailers, we enable the retailers to become Ambassadors themselves. We advise and train how, where and when to use the products.

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"Our philosophy is that every guest or customer deserves more than just a bottle on the shelf."

High-Spirits Import James Eadie series
About us

What do we do? - Social media

By creating an online buzz around our wonderful brands and drinks, we are creating a fan base for our passion for quality. Each bottling is equally important to us and we will make sure they are present everywhere.

In a professional one-minute video, we will describe and promote the spirit, taste, experience and food pairing tips for each bottle.

Then we will make sure the videos are shared online through our social media platforms as well as offline through our retail customers. Check our Youtube channel

Check our Youtube channel

Murray Mcdavid
About us

What do we do? - (Online) Tasting

Organising tastings is one of our favourite pastimes. There is no better way to spread the word among enthusiasts like us. We create tastings by brand (with or without an ambassador), tastings by theme (such as whiskies for the BBQ season) and tailor-made tastings on request. In these desperate times we also organise online tastings. Not from behind our desk, but from the shop anywhere in the country.

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Who we are

Jos van duin
Jos is the newest member of the High Spirits family. After years of working in the hospitality industry, he now wants to be the utlieme partner for store and consumer. Service comes first.

Jos can be asked for all kinds of advertising material and is available for (in store) tastings.
High-Spirits Import team Ihab Matta
Ihab Matta
Once infected with the "Whisky virus" because of Hans Bol as a neighbour, Ihab decided to join High Spirits.

He is a very experienced internet entrepreneur and has a passion for high quality drinks. He manages Operations & Finance and is not allowed to see daylight.
Frans Brouwer
Frans has more than 10 years of experience as a whisky specialist. Because he felt he needed to spend even more time on Whisky, he also did all kinds of ambassadorial work for well-known brands in the industry.

Frans can tell you what you really want. We call him our "walking user journey". Want something new and unexpected? Call Frans.
Jesse Reij
My girlfriend thought my whisky collection was very big for someone who didn't work with it, so I started at High Spirits.

With a background in marketing and communication I try to help High Spirits and our clients with our beautiful products. From making videos to making sure the right bottle reaches the right person. In principle you can call me for anything.
About us


We always have direct contact with our partners and therefore offer the entire product range of these partners. Thanks to this intensive cooperation, we also have the knowledge about these products. We can tell you what the product is, how it tastes and where and how to use it. A high standard of consistent quality is also an important requirement for us before we commit to a producer as a partner.

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