Hart Brothers


If we go back in history to the Hart family, we find that they had a licence to sell liquor as early as the late 19th century. The family then owned an inn in Paisley. Brothers Iain and Donald Hart turned the business around in 1964 and concentrated on selling wine and spirits and blending Scotch whisky.

They are experts in finding and bottling the best Scotch whisky, maturing it in the highest quality oak casks and choosing the perfect time to bottle it. No colouring is used, no cold filtration is used and the bottlings are at cask strength or 46%. For the 46% bottlings, only the purest Scottish spring water is used to bring the whisky to strength. Everything is pure and focused on the best taste and quality.

Alistair Hart

Alistair Hart began his career in the whisky industry in 1962 as a novice whisky blender with Whyte & Mackay Limited. He was supervised by Major Hartley Whyte and in 1972 was promoted to Director and held the position of Chief Blender. In 1975, Alistair left Whyte & Mackay to join his brothers at Hart Brothers, building the global reputation the company now enjoys. He took with him good contacts in the whisky industry, which still results in exceptional bottlings that you rarely see in the competition, such as Talisker, Glendronach, Dalmore and Littlemill.

In doing so, they adhere to Hart Brothers' motto: The Spirit of Excellence.

Hart Brothers


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